Animals In Canada: Cute or Dangerous?

There are many animals in canda, do you think most of them are cute of dangerous?

In my oppinion i think most of the animals are dangerous. There are so many animals in the country of canada. " Animals are agreeable friends, they ask no questions and they give no criticisms." says George Elliot. I agree because animals can not speak, well they can but not english. They might beg for food or beg to play but all in all animals are cool, you got to love them. The most commonly known and has the biggest populated animal in Canada is the Wolf. Not the Wolverine the Wolf. The Wolverine is the biggest aniamal in the weasel family. Wloves are a part of canada just you (if your from canada) or just like your from america. Dont hate the wolf because it deserves to live just like you do.

By: Becca Bordeau

Wolves Are The Defenders Of Wildlife! external image ANI_wolf02.jpg This image show a Wolf glancing at the camera man

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