Party With Canada

Without the winter carnival Canada wouldn't be Canada again." Being an important part of Quebec Carnival,Art and its creators, are thrust into the limelight through shows exbits, and a ramarkable symposium that attracts many of Quebec's most talented artist." Artist from other parts of Canada and the other places come to take place in the art sculptures and other stuff.There are fun activtes you can do when you go to quebec's winter carnival, for exsample you can see the cute floats as the parade passes street by street in quebec.At the Winter carnival it has an amusment park wichich envoles sleding skiing and so forth.This wonderful carnival is held in Febuary. When it comes to Marid gras, Quebec people celebrate by looking at the dazzling ice castle. Quebec is a great place to visit in the winter, I hope to see you there!!!

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By Spurthi Gubbala and Avery Lynn Weaver