Running With Dogs Or Sledding With Dogs

To ride or sled is the question. Which one will you choose? I hope that you choose sled. You will see why after this paragraph on dog sledding. Without commands the dogs would not know what to do. "Hike, gee, easy, whoa, and on by," are some of the commands. These quotes came from the sledding in Canada editers and creators. Hike: start puling, gee: veer right, haw: veer left, easy: slow down, whoa: stop, and on by means to pass another team or distraction. Canadian dog sledding is part of a rich heritage that helped to tame rough, hard to cover, land. The Inuit used dog sledding as a way of travel to trade, hunt, fish, and monitor trap lines in Canadian Arctic wilderness. So, whether you are snowshoeing, downhill, cross-country skiing, or snowmobiling in Canada. There is most likely to be a dog sledding tour operator in close range. If you try it you will love it!
History of Dog Sledding in Canada
dog_sled.jpgBy: Maryssa Bradley and Jada Williams