All about The Iditarod.. The Great Race!

By Roderick Bunch and Partner Kate Campbell.

Dog Mushing, or Sledding, is apart of canada's history. Sledding/Mushing is a big part of Canada and Alaska!

"The Iditarod is called the Great Race it has been going on for years."

picture of Iditarod Race Sunrise Picture Image
picture of Iditarod Race Sunrise Picture Image

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Alaskan huskies are dog that our mostly used, In Mushing races and the Iditarod. Some people treat them as pets, and some people treat them As official race dogs. Guessing they could be used either way. Sometime Musher families own, Many sled dogs. They treat and think of there dogs as Athletes, family, pets and friends. ( Learn almost all about sled dogs here! )

The Iditarod all started around 1925. It also became a Lifesaving highway, for children who lived in Nome. Some kind of serum or medicine had to prevent or cure a disease.

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