Totem Poles - Art or Stories?

Totem Poles are a part of Native Indian history. "Totem Poles, usually in the form of an animal, represent a symbolic relationship between nature and human kin groups." Native Indians used Totem Poles to show that humans and animals were related, and to explain or tell stories. Totem Poles can be found wherever Native Indians lived. There are many Totem Poles in British Columbia, that is one of the reasons why many people visit there. Totem Poles show art, stories, and rich culture for the Native Indian's in Canada. Southwest Alaska has a high concentration of totem poles, but the majority are found in Sitka National Park. Totem poles come in a range of sizes They can be in the sizes of a walking stick, five feet high and a few inches wide, to well over ten feet high and several feet wide.

By: Hannah Kuriakose and Savannah Hansen

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